What is T hues?

T-hues is our flagship natural dye project in partnership with SLINTEC to introduce natural dying as a means of safer and sustainable option. Dynawash is proud to have initiated this revolutionary innovation which makes use of left over tea to create a variety of dyes for the textile industry.

Dynawash has given life to the concept of ‘green manufacturing’ through this initiative becoming Sri Lanka’s first and only company to use natural dyes for fabric colouring.

The company tied up with SLINTEC to explore natural dying options in keeping with the company’s sustainability and green initiatives. After extensive research by the Sri Lankan Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), under Ministry of Science and Technology, a natural dying procedure compatible with the synthetic process has been developed using bi products of instant tea production from Premium Exports Ceylon Limited (PECL).

A range of clothing items using the t-hues dyes have already been manufactured by Dynawash.