We bring to you a wide range of benefits and conveniences to help speed up your operations, maintain quality and bring down costs. In turn these make your products well received by your clients and the international retail market.

  • Centralized control of washing & Dyeing Requirements and accountability.
  • Lowest fall out rate for pigment dyeing.
  • Advantage of having representation of wet/dry processing expertise at your pre-production meetings.
  • Sample washing and development capability 24 hours a day
  • Central affluence treatment facility.
  • Consistency in quality of raw water.
  • The approvals granted by most of the big brands on our facility, processes and systems.
  • Competitive price advantage and flexibility.
  • Fully functional Internal laboratory with the capability to conduct following testing.
  • Color fastness to washing
  • Wicking test
  • Color fastness to water
  • Fabric pH
  • Color fastness to crocking
  • Formaldehyde spot test

In addition to above testing, we conduct the following tests to check the quality of the incoming water

  • Water Hardness
  • Residual chlorine test
  • pH